Our Data Analytics & Reporting Partner

We have partnered with MIRS Analytics to bring expert data analytics and management information reporting systems to our clients

CFS Analytics Australasia Pty Ltd

CFS Analytics Australasia Pty Ltd

MIRS Analytics was created to bring a whole new level of analytics and reporting to businesses looking for that edge. Many companies have a great service or product but lack the data and management reporting system for true success.
Effective reporting and analyse helps businesses determine top performing services, products and employees. It aids effective KPI management and review. Businesses will identify results between divisions, departments and positions. They will also experience period on period performance measures against targets, trends and other key metrics.

“Working with Navigate has given us a powerful service offering. I am very confident in the ability Navigate has to offer our business partners a high quality Virtual CFO service. The ability to then flow this knowledge into insightful data analytics and a sustainable management information reporting system is something businesses genuinely need. ”

Tim Roberts
Director, MIRS Analytics Pty Ltd

We have a close partnership with MIRS Analytics.
We are very confident in the value add role they play in our service offering.

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