A forward thinking financial advisory firm that assists our clients in ensuring financial security in their retirement

The Services Option Wealth Solutions Provides Our Clients

Wealth Solutions

Option Wealth Solutions helps develop a lifestyle you love now and in the future. Have the freedom to choose your dream retirement as we show you how to manage your money.


Wealth accumulation and management requires careful legal advice. At Option Legal it is their goal to ensure your assets are protected at all times.

Tax & Accounting

The key to a secure future is understanding what is happening with your money. Option Accounting puts you in control of your finances for better cash flow now and security for your future.

While Navigate takes care of the health of your business, Option focuses on ensuring you and your family are supported in your dream retirement.

Why Option Wealth Solutions?


The highly experienced team at Option has a track record of over 20 years’ success in helping families protect their income and secure their future.

Proven Results

Our clients have experienced significant financial improvement based on the advice of our expert team. The results speak for themselves.

Community focused

For every client we serve, we make a donation to help change a child’s life. From clean drinking water to education, together we make a difference.

“Navigate are able to offer businesses the power to harness their finances and make sense of it. Not only do Navigate take on all the compliance and business as usual work, they offer powerful financial reporting and more importantly the knowledge to explain what it means for their clients. They add genuine strategic value through insightful cash flow management, forecasting and budgeting.”

Paul Hanna

CEO, Option Wealth Solutions

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