A Human Agency

A Human Agency (A-HA) was created to challenge the conventional delivery of HR in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Too many people have HR horror stories and it’s time for that to change.

“Partnering with Navigate has given us exposure to a level of service we didn’t previously know was available. Navigate manage our entire finance function. Navigate provide weekly reporting dashboards, cash flow forecasts and even sit on our Executive Leadership Team presenting at our Board meetings. The basics such as payroll, debtors and creditors are all managed allowing us to deliver a focused service offering. “

A Ha Author

Simon Corcoran

Co-CEO, A Human Agency Pty Ltd

How We Helped

  • We Sat on the Executive Leadership Team Immediately.

    A-HA immediately gained a high-calibre CFO to assist in the key decision making. This enabled Navigate to work with A-HA through their implementation and maintenance phases effectively.

  • Daily Detailed Cash Flow Modelling

    Now a fundamental tool for their decision making and insights, The leadership team of A-HA now have clarity on their current and future cash flow position and requirements for the business.

  • Ongoing Profitibility Analysis

    From day 1, Navigate have contributed to the ongoing analysis of service lines to ensure key decisions are made for optimimum profitability and effectiveness.

The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup

Australia’s leading fashion, film and tv makeup school with makeup courses run in Melbourne, Brisbane and Toowoomba.

“As a fast-growing business, we found ourselves in a situation where we needed to get up to speed on the business operations, finances and cash flow. We knew we needed an accounting firm to do more than just prepare our BAS’s and payroll and tell us how to stay out of trouble. We needed a team with the capability to take on several key financial functions and consult with us on a regular basis. From day 1, Navigate have taken the time to learn our business and become our external CFO that asks us the tough questions. Their team has brought financial expertise to us and is letting me focus on our service offering.”

Mug Life Author

Florian Staerk

Director, AACM

How We Helped

  • We Were Key in Due Diligence for the Business Purchase

    Navigate played a vital role in the due diligence process. We were able to review and assess the business and provide valuable insights when reviewing contracts.

  • Daily Detailed Cash Flow Modelling

    Now a fundamental tool for their decision making and insights, Management now have clarity on their current and future cash flow position and requirements for the business.

  • Budget Setting and Tracking

    Navigate have helped build an accurate and robust budget for the company helping them track results real time. This had provided them with the ability to make timely decisions in the business.

Mug Life

Mug Life Cafe is a speciality beverage cafe with a hip hop old school vibe. With locations in Potts Point and Pyrmont, Mug Life is known among the locals for great coffee, donuts and an innovative beverage menu.

  • Dr Dough Donuts Logo
  • Mug Life Logo

“I am relieved knowing that I am up to date and compliant with my accounting, and I have transparency and clear visibility to my monthly profit and loss to gauge the health of my business. I can now stay focused on the customer facing side of my business because Navigate have the accounting covered behind the scenes.”

Mug Life Author

Kristy Bannister

Director, Mug Life Group

How We Helped

  • We Came On Board Right When Needed

    Right when Mug Life were expanding to a new location in Potts Point. We helped guide Mug Life through this timultuous time as they were finding their feet in their new location.

  • Migrated Their Accounting System from MYOB to Xero

    Allowing us to get keep the financials up to date with live bank feeds, powerful invoicing options and a strong payroll platform. This was key when managing Mug Life’s cash flow, budgeting and payroll and ensuring the financials ran smoothly without a hitch.

  • We Provided Valuable Monthly Reports

    Each with a KPI analysis and specific product profitability analysis. Our analysis’ highlighted key trends and aimed timely and effective decision making.


MANA is a product created through research and development that contains earth’s most healing plant food. The company strives to energise its customers with nutrition that cannot be found in regular diets.

“The financial and commercial support provided by Navigate has provided us solid understanding and useful info to grow our business.”

Lisa Darveniza Author

Lisa Darveniza


How We Helped

  • Preparation of Robust Cash Flow and Business Modelling

    We invested time in understanding the MANA business, it’s key outflows, operations and drivers and build a high quality and accurate model for use when raising capital.

  • Quickly Updated Xero

    Through our extensive experience with Xero, we brought MANA’s reporting up to date quickly and accurately, enabling the management team to focus on what was important to them.

  • Analysis and Clarity of Product Profitability

    We performed a thorough review of current product lines, future products and assist with product pricing, margin analysis and potential cost reductions.

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