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Your dedicated financial expert for the competitive edge you need.

We Help You Grow

We tackle the unique challenges in your business and ensure you grow in a sustainable way as we maximise your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

Full Business Review and Analysis

With significant experience helping businesses achieve exceptional results, our team provides a full analysis and recommendation on your business.

We are Australian owned and based, servicing Australian Businesses

With work-in days and full phone support, we’re always close by to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Aaron Lane

Director & CEO

Aaron is a CFO with experience across a number of industries and countries in medium and large companies. A focus on profitable growth is what Aaron will bring to your business.

Meet The Navigate Team

Friendly and approachable directors that work to grow your business through the thick and thin decisions

Kyle Jenkins

Director & CFO

Kyle spent the first 6 years of his career learning best practice accounting from two of the Big 4 Accounting firms, specialising in audit and assurance services before moving in to CFO roles with SME businesses.

How We Help

Our team is your team and we are focused on seeing you succeed

Comprehensive Monthly Reporting Packs

Our monthly financial reporting packs provide detailed insights into the key numbers of your business that only financial experts can provide. These packs include a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and insightful, easily understandable recommendations, as well as how well your business has tracked against set benchmarks and KPIs.

Advocacy and Representation with Stakeholders

Utilise our negotiation and financial expertise as we can negotiate with suppliers, banks, and other stakeholders on your behalf. We ensure you get the best deal possible, leading to further profitability for your business.

Detailed financial review and analysis

There are significant benefits and efficiencies that can be identified through an analysis of your businesses pricing and operations. We will find your most profitable products/services, identify your margins and provide recommendations for improvement.

Contractual Reviews and Advice

We assess your existing and new contracts, pricing, margins, credit terms with suppliers and customers and review operational expenditure to determine if the contracts can be optimised and better negotiated.

Cash Flow analysis and management

We create incredibly detailed daily cash flow models and projections to ensure you are not left in the red. Our cash flow management service will anticipate potential cash flow problems well in advance, providing you much needed time to prepare.

Expert Strategic Budgeting

Our strategic budgeting enables clear financial allocation to all areas of your business. This is key to achieving and measuring your goals. We set meaningful KPIs for key targets for each team for each month. We also provide an action plan to reach those targets, or to get back on track.

Why Choose Us?

Our directors are an extension of your team that’s focused on seeing you succeed.


A fresh set of eyes can save your business

Our full business review gives crystal clear lens to your business decisions. Make educated best-practice decisions for your company before danger strikes.

Your investment in us can lead to multiple returns

We stand behind the testimonies of our customers. Our clients have seen growth and returns of several multitudes higher than their initial fees.
Don’t wait years to streamline your business. Our team will straighten out your business issues so you can grow quickly and confidently.

Gain corporate advice now without paying the big business expenses

Quality financial advice is critical in the early days of business. But few new businesses can afford to take on an internal CFO with extensive experience. Our team will stand by you as you grow and mature, ensuring you make confident decisions backed by data and expertise.


Our Certifications & Awards

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